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WVO Designs Raw Power Centrifuge - Extreme Unit

WVO Designs Raw Power Centrifuge - Extreme Unit

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The Raw Power Centrifuge was developed in 2008 to provide a simple and cost effective solution for people cleaning Waste Vegetable Oil to use in diesel vehicles. Today, with thousands of units in service the Raw Power Centrifuge continues to be the leading small centrifuge used to clean waste vegetable oil but also waste motor oil, cutting fluid and coolant and the exciting industry of algae harvesting. There is simply no match in quality, simplicity and versatility.

Capable of producing 3600 g's with a flow rate of up to 25gpm, this  is a game changer in the world of WMO.  Reach consistent submicronic cleaning of your base oils.

Extreme Unit comes with Extreme VFD motor controller.  All Extreme motors are 230v 3ph.  Motor controller input voltage is all that matters.  For 120v version, you will receive a 120v motor controller that outputs 230v 3ph to the motor.  For 230v version, you will receive a 230v 1ph controller that outputs 230v 3ph to the motor.

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