-Black Diesel Dictionary-

Here is a brief dictionary for those just getting started in alternative fuels..   specifically Black Diesel.


Black Diesel - A "diesel fuel" derived from a blend of used petroleums such as motor oil, automatic transmission fluid, hydraulic oils, etc. and a thinning agent.  Synthetic or non synthetic.

WMO - Waste Motor Oil  - AKA used petroleums

WVO - Waste Veggie Oil - I won't be covering much on this other than it isn't wise to mix WVO and WMO.  Use caution when switching between oil sources.

SVO - Straight Veggie Oil - See above.

RUG - Regular Unleaded Gasoline (non ethanol, E10).

W80 - 80% WMO / 20% Thinner (typically gasoline) blend. (Typically a good blend for cold climates / winter months)

W85 - 85% WMO / 15% Thinner blend. (Most common blend)

W90 - 90% WMO / 10% Thinner blend. (Typically a good blend for hot climates / summer months)

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